Milford classroom is certified kind

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MILFORD, Maine (WABI) - 6th graders at the Dr. Lewis S. Libby School in Milford became one of 500 classes nationwide to receive a certification, and they were one of the fastest to do so.

They had to read the book "Wonder", then be kind to one another.

The book is about a boy with a disability going to school the first time in middle school.

"People pick on him and then he has this one kid that's his friend, and towards the end, everyone starts to understand him and stuff, and they start to be nice to him."

The book created a number of opportunities for teachers to discuss how kids treat each other at school.

"We decided that we were going to take the Kindness Challenge where you take a jar, a mason jar, and you try to fill it with stones. Every time a student does something kind, we put a stone in."

They started in the fall, and the deadline to fill the jar was April 1st.

"It really didn't take us that long to do it."
"My kids were super ambitious, and they filled the jar in 2 or 3 weeks."
"It wasn't hard at all, I mean, like, coming up the stairs, if someone fell, like, help them up, it's nothing big, like, just something kind."

Because they were one of the first schools to complete the challenge, they were sent posters and became a certified kind classroom.

"It's been amazing to see my students really stepping it up. When someone drops something on the floor, I've got five kids on the floor running to pick it up to help them. You know, I have students that are reporting things to me that I hadn't thought they would in the past. Maybe someone was having a rough day and they're really quick to say, 'Mrs. Spencer, someone's kind of not having a good day, can you check in with them?', so it's made my students more aware I think of their comments, of their actions."