Mercy Hospital patient diagnosed with severe form of scabies

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PORTLAND, Maine (WMTW) A patient at Northern Light Mercy Hospital in Portland has been diagnosed with a severe form of scabies known as Norwegian scabies, hospital officials said.

The patient is being treated and is in isolation.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been notified, according to hospital officials.

"Scabies is a common skin condition that may cause us to cringe, but is not particularly worrisome from a health perspective," Dr. Michael Duffy, Mercy senior physician executive, said.

Hospital staff are identifying people who might have been exposed and what treatment they might need, Duffy said.

Scabies causes a pimple-like rash and is treated with topical creams that can kill the mites.

Scabies can spread quickly by skin-to-skin contact.