Massachusetts teen pleads guilty to killing his mother in her Litchfield home

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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A Massachusetts teenager accused of killing his mother in her home in Litchfield has pleaded guilty to murder.

Lukas Mironovas, 16, took a plea deal Wednesday afternoon for the slaying of his mother Kimberly Mironovas.

Prosecutors say Lukas and his friends came up with the plan to murder her when she refused to drive the boys back to Massachusetts.

They say the boys choked Kimberly and when she lost consciousness Lukas stabbed her several times in the throat.

"Lukas stabbed his mother repeatedly in the neck with a knife he had brought from downstairs," said Assistant Attorney General Meg Elam. "According to medical examiner Kristin Sweeney, the cause of Kimberly Mironovas' death was the concurrent cause of strangulation and multiple knife wounds to her neck."

Lukas' defense attorney Pamela Ames says they agreed to a plea deal to avoid life in prison.

"It decreased the exposure to a much, much longer sentence even than 35 years," said Ames. "It could have been a life sentence, and for a 16-year-old, that is certainly an outcome that would be devastating."

Sentencing is set for December.