Marijuana track and trace kickoff event in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Tracking and tracing will be a big part of an industry that is already being taken on by many people in Maine: marijuana.

"We do have some concerns about some of the procedures and the way they are tracking certain things," said Catherine Lewis, President of the board of Medical Caregivers of Maine Training Association.

The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy's kickoff event on tracking and tracing featured the company behind the techonolgy the state selected to run the program, BioTrackTHC. Company executives were on hand to go through the tracking and tracing software and procedures for medical marijuana registrants.

"After voicing some of those questions I'm confident that they are hearing those and will make adjustments as necessary," said Lewis.

Hearing the questions and getting the correct information out is what organizers say makes these sessions so important. It was clear from the kickoff event that there are a lot of questions out there.

"The sooner we start talking about these things, the more clarity people have, the less the kind of unknown fades away, right and that dark hole of what is 'track and trace' kind of is no longer that," said Moe Afaneh, Chief Operating Officer of BioTrackTHC.

Attendees were able to learn about the tools that will be requitred to track and report marijuana and marijuana prouducts in the state. The use of the system is required by law. Officials say it will use barcode-based tags and labels to track growth and distribution.

"I would highly recommend anyone who is frustrated and struggling with this process, to ask questions. It has to be an ongoing conversation," said Mark Barnett, Founder of the Maine Craft Cannabis Association.

BioTrackTHC medical marijuana training sessions will be happening in Bangor on Tuesday, Augusta on Wednesday, Lewiston on Thursday, and in Portland on Friday.