Manchester man turns love of Christmas lights into fully lit business

Published: Dec. 24, 2019 at 3:58 PM EST
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A Manchester man has taken his love of Christmas to a new level.

He started by decorating his town.

Now, he's got a fully lit business.

Kaleb Pushard, Owner of Skybox Holiday & Event Lighting says, "It's my mom's fault. She used to put 12 to 14 Christmas trees in the house."

Pushard may blame his love of all things Christmas on his mother, but when it comes to lighting things up, that's his specialty.

He says, "Over the past few years I'd actually done a light show with music on our place in Manchester. Ever since then, it's just kind of grown and evolved. I do a lot of the lights in town, and then after that, people started saying, 'Well, can you do my house?'"

So, Pushard stepped it up a notch and created his own business.

He says, "It's an all inclusive service. So, I come to your house, and I create the design or we go with something that you have in mind. We can make it as big, as grand, or as small as you want."

Pushard puts up the lights, and what's even better, he takes them down.

He says, "The homeowner, it's really good for them because they have to do nothing. They just get to come home and ta-da!"

Now, eight houses and businesses later, Pushard has taken his passion for the holidays to new heights.

And these aren't your normal Clark Griswold Christmas lights.

Pushard says, "People are like, 'How hard is it to hang Christmas lights?' Well, it's a little more in depth than people might think. Everything is custom made to fit the house or the project that we are working on."

And really, it's about making the season bright for everyone.

He says, "In all the darkness, when the sun goes down at 4:30, it can be kind of depressing for a lot of people, and sometimes when you see that somebody put in the effort to light up a tree or just add some light to the dark, it just kind of makes things better for them."

Pushard says he's upping business next year with plans of decorating 40 to 50 houses.

You can find out more about Skybox Holiday & Event Lighting on Facebook or by visiting