Man welcomed home after seven months in the hospital

NORRIDGEWOCK, Maine (WABI) - Mike Adams was struck by a car in Turner last May. After seven months, he has finally been discharged from the hospital.

"He had two or three angels there that day." said his mother, Nancy Gould.

Mike's friends and family waited in a parking lot in Waterville to meet up with him on his way home from the hospital.

"We've been hoping and praying for it for seven months now and to know that the day is's overwhelming in a way." said Gould.

On May 11th, Mike was riding his motorcycle along with four friends in Turner when police say an oncoming car crossed the center line. The collision put Mike in a coma for over a month and caused numerous injuries, including the loss of his right leg.

Mike arrived in Waterville to find signs everywhere welcoming him, and the slogan "Mike Adams Strong"

"It's unbelievable. I've been seven months…now I'm free. I'm headed home."

"Did a lot of riding with him and became good friends."

Tim Clements was one of the other riders there that day.

"Tim actually saved his life." said Gould.

"I took my belt off and tried stopping the bleeding best I could." said Clements.

"The EMT said if he hadn't, he probably would have bled out." said Gould.

Mike and his caravan of supporters were escorted through Norridgewock. They plan to continue to celebrate as his health improves.

"I imagine we'll be having some barbeques and this and that." said Clements. "He likes his whoopie pies, so I'm sure he's gonna be eating those until he's blue in the face."

"Whoopie pies, I love whoopie pies!"

Apparently Mike was on his way to get some when the accident occurred.

"Still a lot of work to do, still a lot of therapy to do." said Gould. "But he's come so far."

Mike chuckled and repeated what the nurses in the hospital told him. "I'm a miracle man."

The driver of the car that struck Mike Adams and the other riders has pleaded not guilty to six felony charges related to the crash.

Police say he had opioids in his system at the time.