Make a Wish Maine grants wish to Piscataquis Community Elementary School student

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 5:27 PM EST
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Make a Wish is dedicated to making dreams come true for children who are diagnosed with a critical illness. Make a Wish Maine granted another wish to a student in Guilford.

Anita Wright, Principal of Piscataquis Community Elementary School, said, "Abel is a superhero. He has a smile on his face every day. Every day. You never really see him really complain. He is a real trooper."

A smile that speaks for itself, and he's also curious as to why all eyes and cameras were on him at Piscataquis Community Elementary School Wednesday morning.

Abel is six years old. As you can probably tell by his shirt, he loves superheroes. Superman seems to be the favorite. But, what's a superhero without his cape?

Abel's mom, Linda Richardson, said he was diagnosed with a brain tumor a little over a year ago.

Linda explained, "It's inoperable, but he's been doing chemo for a year. He has three treatments left."

That's when Make A Wish Maine stepped in. Abel wished for his own Superman Go-kart. His reaction to a wish granted is unforgettable.

"Amazing, any day that he gets a good day is perfect. He goes through a lot with chemo. It's awesome," explained Linda.

Rebekah Roy, Make A Wish Maine Marketing Director, said, "It's hard to explain. There are no words. Just to see how much it means to not just the family, but to the people around him, that get to witness it. It is an amazing moment."

Mom said Abel told her he knew the surprise was coming because he has x-ray vision.

Drivers start your engines.

Abel said, "I want to pay for gas. I'm going to pay for it." Mom asked, "You're going to pay for gas with your birthday money?"

This superhero is ready to ride at lightning speed.

Abel explained, "Drive around the whole town."

Linda said at Abel's last MRI, the tumor shrunk a little bit.

The family hopes for more appointments like this one.