Maine's Environmental Priorities Coalition Announces 2018 Legislative Agenda

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Maine's Environmental Priorities Coalition has announced its legislative agenda for the year.

Speakers representing the group's more than 100,000 members explained bills before lawmakers that the group supports and bills it opposes.

Bills they back include one to support Mainers generating their own solar power without being charged and clean water bonds.

They're against placing a tax on fuel efficient cars and trucks to boost Maine's Highway Fund.

Dan Townsend, of Whitefield, has a hybrid vehicle. He says proposed legislation would tax drivers for creating less carbon pollution and using less gas.

"Any clear-thinking Mainer will recognize this bill for exactly what it is, a thinly-veiled and falsely argued attempt by the petroleum industry and its supporters to punish a small group of responsible Maine consumers who do not use their products and services," said Townsend.

The coalition also supports a bill to help schools develop food waste reduction programs and incentivize businesses to donate or discount food to schools that would otherwise be wasted.