Mainers roll out Working Families Legislative Agenda on Labor Lobby Day

AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) More than a hundred workers from across the state were in Augusta on Tuesday to roll out Maine's working families legislative agenda for the year.

As part of the AFL-CIO's annual Labor Lobby Day, workers discussed bills they hope lawmakers will back and ones they hope they reject.

The state's federation of labor unions supports funding the Downeast Correctional Facility in Machiasport.

They also back legislation to fix unemployment insurance to ensure laid off workers can access benefits.

But they oppose Maine's tax conformity bill, which aims to mirror the federal tax changes.

Linda Deane, a mill worker in Rumford, says that would give huge tax cuts to corporations.

"These proposed changes to our state's tax codes deliver cuts to those who are already reaping benefits of the federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act, offering little tax relief to low and moderate income Mainers like myself," said Deane, Catalyst Paper Mill.

They also hope the 'Right to Work' bill will fail.

They say it would make it illegal to negotiate contracts that require all workers who benefit from a collective bargaining agreement share in the costs.