Mainers gather to march against gun violence

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ORONO/BANGOR, Maine. (WABI) - Across the nation, around the world and right here in Maine people of all ages came together to join the "March for Our Lives" movement.
Morgan Sturdivant was in Orono and Bangor where hundreds gathered to take a stand against gun violence.

"It's amazing. I had no idea how many people there would be coming and to see everyone come here, to know that they care about children's lives, it's great." Exclaimed Jasper McGill an Orono middle schooler. You can't just let people die and we're the future generation and letting us die is not ok. Like, our lives are more important than guns. Asking for three simple gun control laws that would keep kids safe: banning assault rifles, banning magazines and close loopholes and background check laws and then we also have a petition the same as the national one but this version will be printed out and handed to our representatives next week. I know that I personally have nightmares of school shootings."

Dozens of people came together in Orono Saturday morning to walk along with students taking part in the “March for Our Lives” movement.
The young organizers say they have goals in when it comes to gun legislation.

This was a similar scene in places all over the u-s and the globe as hundreds of thousands of students and supporters hit the streets to honor those lost in Parkland.

Students with a message they say is backed with strength.

"Empowering for everyone to talk about it at once because it does need to change and I'm glad that more people are coming out because it does feel a lot safer than just being on our own and just out there." Explained Chloe Bell-Smith a Grenier freshmen.

An hour later in Bangor hundreds of people also lifted signs and chanted for the change they're looking for.

Hannah Nelson, a John Bapst Sophomore, had this to say. “I want people to know that we're students and we have voices and we care and we're scared.”

"I think that it's really exciting to be able to stand up for something that I believe in so strongly." Said Mataya Philbrick a Brewer sophomore.
"I feel like it's really empowering." Explained Anne Faucher a Brewer junior.

Students and supporters stepping out together.

"The drive was about two and a half hours. And we came down today because was wanted to stand in with our fellow Americans to speak up as a unit." Said Jennifer Crandall.

"We're marching with them, we're standing with them and we are assuring them that after the March we will continue to take action to promote common sense gun legislation." Explained Josie Ellis, a chapter lead in Mom’s Demand Action.