Mainer to Ride Out Hurricane Irma In Yacht

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CAMDEN, Maine (WABI) As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, many have evacuated, but some are choosing to ride out the storm.

Brandon Beyer / Twitter / MGN

Camden native, Michael Quantrell, has been living on his yacht for the last two years and plans to stay on it during the hurricane.

The yacht is currently hauled out at a marina on land in West Palm Beach.

He says they've been preparing for the storm all week, and he believes they will have enough food and water on the boat to get them through.

Quantrell says that many of the nearby shelters are at risk to flooding and are not elevated enough, which made his decision to stay an easy one.

"I don't want to put myself in a position that's more jeopardizing that the one I'm in, and I feel like I said, I feel more than safe where we are. Where the boat is is right next to Peanut Island, which is JFK's old bunker during the Cold War, so that will block some of the storm surge and then Singer Island is just east of that, so I mean we've got a couple islands. You know storm surge isn't going to be the issue here, it's going to be the wind."

Quantrell says that he has experienced other hurricanes on his yacht, and believes that they will be far enough away from the eye of the storm.