Mainely Antiques "Winter Auction" returns in Brewer

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BREWER, Maine (WABI)- Jeff's Catering in Brewer hosted an auction featuring items from all over Maine Saturday.

The auction was put together by Mainely Antiques, whose owners, Jerry Dunford and Kim Corkran, have been traveling statewide for years to find all kinds of rare antiques and collectibles.

The auction had everything from old toys to vintage signs to classic artwork.

Potential bidders only had to pay a small entrance fee to take part.

Dunford says the fun of antiquing and auctioning is the element of surprise.

"It's like a big treasure hunt,” says Dunbar. “That's what's fun about it, you'll never know what we're going to find. That's what keeps you going, trying to find the rare thing you don't see every day."

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