MaineGeneral Medical Center looking to hire medical scribes

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 9:02 PM EDT
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MaineGeneral Medical Center is starting a new service focused on helping deliver the best quality care to patients in the Emergency Departments.

They're hiring 30 medical scribes through Scribe-America to work in their Augusta and Waterville Emergency Services.

These scribes document visits with doctors and patients, look through past patient records, and more.

We're told having scribes allows for doctors to improve their care of the patient and to facilitate a great doctor-patient experience.

"This is huge for my providers. We are really doing this to help with provider satisfaction and decrease burnout, which is such a big problem in medicine these days where we have so many clerical tasks. We really went into medicine to take care of patients, not to do all these clerical tasks. So to have the scribes come in and do all of those extra tasks so we can really focus on what we care about, which is taking care of patients, has been very impactful," said Dr. Laurel Parker.

They have hired a number of scribes so far but are still working on filling all 30 spots.