Maine woman shaves head to cut into childhood cancer

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WASHINGTON D.C (WABI) - A Maine woman, who we heard from recently, shaves her head in an effort to cut into childhood cancer.

For Erica Durgin it's a cause that's as close to her heart as the clippers came to her head.

Her daughter Alexis is about to turn 20 years-old and survived a six-year fight with the disease.

Alexis is one-year cancer free, but the fear it could return remains.

Erica Durgin said, "Every day we think about whether or not she's going to get another diagnosis of cancer, every time she gets a cold she wonders"

Durgin and others touched by the disease will be on Capitol Hill Tuesday lobbying Congress to invest 30-plus million dollars into cancer research.

The bill has passed the Senate unanimously, and 85 percent of the House is already signed on in support.