Maine veterans celebrate holiday weekend with tattoo contest

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - The Maine Veterans Project held their third annual tattoo contest Sunday in Brewer.

A chance for Maine veterans to come together and talk tats.

"We judge pre-existing tattoos. So you come in, bring your tattoo, enter into one of seven categories and walk hole with a prize. Another reason we do the tattoo contest is it's a great way to open up dialogue through art. If somebody had a tattoo depicting some pain in their life it's much easier to talk about through the tattoo then it would be to just come right out with it," said Doc Goodwin, President of the Maine Veterans Project.

"Some don't have anybody to talk to, and you talk about tattoos you talk about ink and color and pictures, it's a great thing to go through. You got a guy here who might have the same kind of tattoo or same style or is like oh you served in the Navy I served in the Navy. And now you guys are talking about stuff," said Wade Pelletier of Milford.

Perhaps the best moment of the day was giving away a used SUV to a Maine Veteran courtesy of Hermon Motor Company.

"It's great to say how grateful I am for this. It's a huge help to me and my family. I was never expecting it. Maine Veterans Project and Hermon Motors came together to do this and I'm just so grateful for it," said Jordan Elston of Augusta.

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