Maine vet starts nonprofit connecting sexual assault survivors to therapy dogs

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A Maine veteran and sexual assault survivor is starting a nonprofit to help others heal with therapy dogs.

Her organization is called "Service Dog Strong" and it's inspired by her experience overcoming trauma with the help of a service dog.

Simone Emmons says she lived for 10 years with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder after she was raped while serving in the Army.

After therapy, she got Gunner, her service dog, and she now wants to help other survivors.

She's partnered with Green Arc Rescue Dogs to provide the dogs and North Edge K9 for the obedience, service and emotional support training.

"I am in control of the dog and he does what I say so, the courage is not in the dog. It's been in me the whole time but, until I had Gunner I wasn't able to see that, " said Emmons.

Emmons is now trying to raise $3,000 to become a nonprofit. You can help her by donating through her GoFundMe page.