Maine students attend JMG's 25th Career Development Conference

Published: Mar. 27, 2018 at 5:33 PM EDT
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Jobs for Maine Graduates held its 25th annual Career Development Conference at Thomas College. Nearly 700 hundred students from across Maine attended to compete in high-stress competitions.

"It's a great opportunity for them just to show that they have the confidence to do what they need to do and to build on that confidence as well once they succeed and they work extremely hard," said JMG specialist Lindsey Withee.

The competition tests the skills JMG students have learned in the program. This includes teamwork, career readiness, critical thinking, and communication. Organizers say an event like this helps students prepare to move on to higher education and eventually the workforce.

"Community service, that's a big thing that we do and will be able to use in the future such as going to college and CDC is preparing us and getting us to that point, and it is going to help us a lot in the long run," said Emily Glidden, a junior from Winslow High School.

"We make sure all these students have a learning opportunity to move forward such as pursuing a meaningful career and we help these kids graduate along the way while developing these skills that they need for the workforce," said Withee.

JMG also teamed up with local businesses to provide a job fair for the students. They say their mission is to provide more opportunities for students who have struggled with life and learning hurdles, and prepare them for the future.

"JMG helps basically anyone that's in it grow as a person, as an individual, really,” said Glidden. “JMG is one of things where you're never going to regret being in it. I know I never, ever would say that I didn't wish that I was in JMG."