Students select Shawn Moody to be Governor in the statewide mock election

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 6:32 PM EDT
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Students from all across Maine came together in Augusta Wednesday to hear from politicians and tally votes they made for different offices.

"We are here to do a mock election for all of the Governors, Senators, and the House of Representatives and we are going to do a mock vote," says Kiersta, a student.

Students gathered in Augusta to see who over 10,000 of their peers selected to be the next Governor, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representatives for Maine.

Organizers say it's an opportunity for kids to learn about politics with a hands-on experience.

"It's every two years to really get kids interested in civics, and plan ahead to register to vote and to participate in the democratic process of Maine," says Kristen Muszynski, Spokesperson for the Secretary of State's Office. "And we hope that does get through to them and they become active engaged citizens."

Kids get to make campaign buttons, as well as vote for their favorite DC superheroes using ranked choice voting.

"We're also here to meet the politicians, to talk to them, to find out how a real election goes," says Lily, a student.

Students loved their Maine elected officials when I asked them who their favorite politician is.

And the winners? Students selected Shawn Moody for Governor, Angus King for U.S. Senate, and Bruce Poliquin and Chellie Pingree for the U.S. House.