Maine man found guilty of sexual abuse charges in Florida; Ex-wife who helped put him behind bars speaks out

Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 4:51 PM EDT
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A Maine woman has spent the last few years helping authorities put her ex-husband behind bars.

We first told you about Deborah Jones and her story roughly a year ago.

Now, her ordeal has ended with a guilty verdict and jail time.

She says, "This whole entire saga has gone on for seven and a half years."

Jones' ex-husband, Gerard Pepin used to work as an alcohol and drug counselor at his former practice Nova Counseling in Bangor.

That practice closed in 2005 after he was accused of crossing ethical boundaries with a client.

Jones and Pepin moved to Florida after that.

She says, "I was married to a man. I thought I was happily married. Come to find out he had another double life."

In 2011 Pepin was working in Daytona as a psychotherapist with the Salvation Army, he was accused of blackmailing a client to perform oral sex.

Jones says another woman from Maine then reached out to her saying she too had been abused by Pepin.

She says, "I contacted the police and said I'm willing to help you get a confession."

In January, jurors in a Florida courtroom finally listened to that recording.

Jones says, "The only physical evidence they had was my taped confession."

Pepin was found guilty.

After the verdict was handed down, Jones said her eyes locked with Pepin's and she passed him a mental note, "You know what you did and you deserve everything you get for the people's lives that you have damaged."

The judge sentenced Pepin to 20 years in prison, he was already serving 5 years for homicide by vessel in a separate incident.

The judge said to Pepin in court, "In essence you are extorting sex out of a vulnerable human being and that's unforgivable."

Jones says now that justice has been served she has a message for Pepin's victims, "He's not being punished basically for what he did to you but know that he's in jail until he's 83 years old hopefully you can have some closure and know that he's being punished for what he did to you and everyone else because you deserve to be treated better than that."

Jones says that becoming an informant for the police took a toll on her personal life, affecting her financially and emotionally.

She's slowly piecing her life back together and is currently writing a memoir about her experience.