Maine biologists to collar moose for research

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 6:08 PM EST
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Wildlife officials will be capturing and collaring moose starting Saturday.

They're doing so as a way to study the survival rates of the creatures.

They'll start by putting GPS collars on 35 moose in northern Aroostook County and then move to Western Maine and on to the Moosehead Region.

They'll do another 100 in the coming weeks.

It's the 6th year this type of research has been done.

Lee Kanter says they've collared nearly 500 moose in that time.

Lee Kanter, Maine State Moose Biologist said, "Putting that many collars out on that many moose is a pretty big deal and provides us with a tremendous amount of information for managing moose for everyone in the State of Maine."

Wildlife officials will also be able to study ticks, parasites, moose health and body condition with this study.