Maine-based company receives award for work in eliminating Malaria

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 7:07 PM EST
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A Maine-based public health nonprofit has won a major award from the US Department of State.

Medical Care Development Inc. (or MCD) received the 2019 P3 Impact Award which highlights public and private partnerships that address global challenges.

The award is recognition for 15 years of work towards eliminating Malaria on Bioko Island, which is off the west coast of Africa.

The programs there have reduced transmission rates by 99% and mortality rates in young children have dropped by over 60%.

Christopher Schwabe, PhD, President and CEO of MCD

“Effectively half of the population of Maine is dying every year somewhere around the world as a result of malaria. So it's a big honor for us as a Maine based non-profit to be involved in such a large scale activity and to have such a meaningful impact on such an important disease.”

The award was presented on National Rural Health Day to bring attention to the healthcare work that MCD does in rural Maine and across the Northeast.