Maine Youth Fish And Game Association "Reel" In Folks For Family Ice Fishing Day

MILFORD, Maine. (WABI) - Matt Redding said, "What we were worried about, was after the last heavy snow, was there going to be access to the pond, and the ice, and then trying to get the traps in them, and trying to get the people out on the ice was our worry, but we hung and waited for a while to see what the weather was going to do, and it worked out in our favor. It compacted everything on the ice, and we have what we have today."

With a few weeks of worrying about how the weather was going to turn out, Maine Youth Fish and Game Association organizers said, it was the perfect day on Saturday for their annual Family Ice Fishing Day.

Redding said,"The fish were hungry. You could catch one, and look down through the hole, and see three or four swimming around that one. So, it was a real good day for fishing."

The game plan was simple-family fishing fun for children under the age of 16.

"We try to accommodate everybody. We provide the bait, the traps, the lunch, we drill the holes for them. So is all they have to do is show up" said Redding.

Matt Redding, Secretary Board of Directors, suggested that folks who came out in the morning to Pickerel Pond may have had a better opportunity of "hooking" a fish.

Redding explained, "The beginning part of the day is our best luck. The more people you have coming, the more noise you have on the ice, and seems to affect the fish a little bit, but we still do have some hot pockets of the pond going on, and people are still pulling fish up through."'

And for Jesse Booker who is an avid ice fisher he said he has been doing this for years.

Booker said, "My dad taught me when I was about 2, and I've been fishing and hunting for a really long time now. I mostly enjoy like just being out there having fun."