Maine Wisdom Summit discusses state of aging in Maine

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Hundreds gathered in Augusta today to examine the state of aging in Maine.

The 5th annual Maine Wisdom Summit put on by the Maine Council on Aging took place in Augusta.

"We have folks here that are talking about the state of aging in Maine, and so we are looking at our demographic shift, our long term supports and services system, our housing, our transportation, our healthcare systems, how they operate now, what are some of the challenges that we're facing now that we age in relation to those systems and what are some of those responses," says Jess Maurer, Executive Director of the Maine Council on Aging.

The summit brought together a number of researchers and people with different perspectives to figure out the best way to address the issues of an aging population.

"What we're talking about is how we can optimize both our human and our public resources to make sure that we can all live heathy, engaged lives in our communities and in our homes," says Maurer.

One speaker says a societal change needs to happen in the way that older people are treated.

"Well I think that we get left out in the sense that everything is geared towards the younger people, which is not to say it shouldn't be geared towards them, but it should be geared towards everybody," says advocate Fran Seeley.

The Maine Council on Aging will release a report in the coming weeks with their findings.