Maine Student Film Festival comes to Husson University

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Films produced by high school and college directors were on display at Husson University Friday night.

It was part of the inaugural Maine Student Film Festival.

Folks grabbed a seat in the Gracie Theatre to watch 25 videos from all around the world.

They also listened to speeches from experts in the field.

Organizers say the festival is all about celebrating what films have to offer.

Maine Student Film Festival's Evan Cardimino, said '"There are social meanings, political meanings, all sorts of messages there and it gives people a voice to you know express their opinions and when I'm watching these films by students and their practicing that, it's really amazing to see that and that's why I think we should celebrate films because you can look at any film and there some sort of meeting behind it."

Ken Stack, Husson University Professor, added, "That's the whole message. Imagination, create, get out there and do it. They approached us and said we want to rent your facility and use this to create this entire production and they are doing a marvelous job."

Organizers spent a little over a year planning the event.

They hope to host it annually.