Maine State Museum holds Family Fun Day

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Kids and their families headed to the Maine State Museum in Augusta Saturday.

It was Family Fun Day and visitors were invited to help the museum celebrate the adaptability of animals to survive in the wild every day.

As part of the series, the museum hosted Chewonki who presented two of the traveling natural history programs, "Fur, Feathers, and Feet."

Staff say the event is their way of kicking off school vacation week.

"We know a lot of families are looking for things to do so we've invited Chewonki
to come with their traveling natural history program. It really complements the content that they museum has already. We have our dioramas with main environments and main animals, and some of our other natural history displays and our back to nature display. So, this is a good way of complimenting what we already do.," said Chief Educator of the Maine State Museum, Joanna Torow.

If you missed this weekends Family Fun Day, there will be a another one next Saturday.

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