Maine Secretary of State weighs in on idea of national driver's license

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - After the New Hampshire crash last month that killed seven motorcyclists, the head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles resigned.

The Massachusetts Transportation Secretary says the driver of the truck that hit the bikers, 23-year-old Volodmyr Zhukovskyy, had a recent arrest in another state that should have resulted in the termination of his commercial driving license.

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap says Zhukovskyy's suspension had been conveyed but had not been entered into the system used to keep track of a person's driving record.

Dunlap says sometimes low staffing leads to backlogs.

Since the incident, questions have been raised about the need for a National Driver's License.

Dunlap says that just isn't feasible and the federal government doesn't have a system in place to keep track of such things.

He says the system in place now has its kinks, but it's mostly successful, "Could it have been prevented by a suspension? We will never know. Would the driver have taken that suspension seriously enough to stop driving? That's an open question at this point. All we do know is that we have an allegation that a driver was driving in such a manner that it caused a serious crash and a bunch of people died and that's what nobody wants. So, these mechanisms are designed to help prevent that. We try to share information so that law enforcement and administrators have it and can act appropriately. I'd say 99 percent of the time, it works pretty well."

Dunlap says technology is also constantly improving which makes their system more efficient.