Maine Red Cross Volunteers Make Their Way Down to Texas

Bangor, Maine (WABI) As Tropical Storm Harvey continues its destructive path in the south, Red Cross Volunteers from Maine are making their way to Texas to offer help.

Two American Red Cross volunteers left from Bangor Tuesday morning.

They were driving a disaster relief truck and say they expect to be on feeding duty once they arrive.

The vehicle can carry up to 600 meals at a time and offers volunteers the ability to feed people directly out of the back.

Volunteers say they have so much, they just want to help others.

"They have quite a disaster there and people need help. It's not about giving them a hand-out, it's a hands up to get back on their feet again." Says Volunteer Bill Thomas.

"Sometimes there are no words, sometimes just a look, a hug, a touch, just something so that they know somebody is out there that cares, that somebody is on their side." Says Volunteer Corina Hamlin.

Both volunteers says they didn't know how long they'll be in Texas, but they'll stay as long as needed.