Maine Ocean School holds open house

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SEARSPORT, Maine (WABI) - A magnet school that focuses on training high school students for careers on the water held an open house Thursday.

Students and staff at Maine Ocean School in Searsport are just finishing up their first school year.

There are 11 students currently enrolled, and the school is looking for more to join them next year.

The school is the first of its kind in Maine, offering students the opportunity to get some hands-on learning in marine science, transportation, and more.

"This is a project that's been underway for at least five years, and I think that everybody's very gratified to see that we made it and that Maine Ocean School is going to grow and continue,” said Leslie Gregory of Maine Ocean School.

"We're super accepting, and we just have fun all the time. We laugh a lot,” said student, Kamren Start. β€œIt's a lot of fun and a lot of information that you'll gain from this."

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