Maine Maritime Academy students return after 70 days abroad

CASTINE, Maine. (WABI) - Students at Maine Maritime Academy were welcomed back today by loved ones.

They were away for 70 days sailing to Europe.

Approximately 250 Freshman and Juniors were aboard the five hundred foot ship.

Families of the students lined the docks waiting to see their return.

Students also reflected on their unique opportunity abroad.

"Getting used to things was definitely different. Seeing all the different places was a great opportunity too. Verse doing this stuff and getting out and exploring, you know seeing what you wanna do. Verse lounging on the couch it's definitely something that MMA brings that's, you know a lot of other people don't," said Freshman Sydney Tilton.

Some of the stops for the students included Norway and Spain.

Students said one of their favorite things about being home is getting to see their families.