Maine Indian Basketmakers hold holiday event

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Folks gathered Saturday at the Collins Center for the Arts for the Maine Indian Basketmakers Holiday market.

Some took part in playing and singing some traditional Penobscot songs.

Several vendors set up and displayed their one-of-a-kind creations for the public to view and buy.

Baskets of all sizes were for sale, as well as handmade jewelry.

Organizers say an event like this is a chance to keep shopping personal and local.

Jason Brown, Wabanaki Artist: "One of the biggest things that somebody could take away from the show is that as native artists and Wabanaki artists we're still relevant. We're still here. A lot of the time, native americans are relegated to the past as something historic or ancient but we're modern and contemporary. We're doing our thing just like everybody else."

Storytelling and a fashion show also took place at the Hudson museum.

For more information or to find out when they're having more events, visit the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance facebook page.