Maine House votes to amend constitution to include ranked-choice voting

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - The Maine House took up five separate bills pertaining to ranked-choice voting.

Four of the five were to remove ranked-choice.

But all of them were voted ought not to pass.

The fifth bill was to move forward with amending the state constitution to allow ranked-choice voting.

Supporters say Maine citizens have spoken and want the system.

Opponents say it's unconstitutional.

Representative Trey Stewart, a Republican representing Presque Isle says, "We think it's a mess. We think the system is in shambles. It's completely unnecessary and it's something our constituency didn't actually vote for."

Representative John Schneck, a Democrat representing Bangor says, "The people of the state of Maine said that they wanted ranked choice voting. Originally, I was not in favor of ranked choice voting but as time moved on I learned a lot about ranked choice voting and it removes the spoiler effect. What we're dealing with now is just trying to move that forward and let the people of the state of Maine make the final decision on ranked choice."

As a constitutional amendment, it requires two thirds agreement of both the House and Senate for it to move to the people.

Schneck says, they don't have that many supporters yet and it will likely fail, but they will continue to push for it.

The bill now moves to the Senate.