Maine House unanimously approves bill to study body camera use

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - The Maine House unanimously backed a bill Monday that calls for a work group to look into how the state should handle body cameras for police.

The group would be headed up by the Attorney General's office.

It would feature stakeholders from law enforcement, privacy advocates, sexual assault victim advocates, and more.

We're told it's an issue that a lot of people want to see implemented, but logistics and cost are holding it back.

"We heard from both sides that this is a tool that is important for both law enforcement and the public," said Rep. Victoria Morales, D-South Portland. "Both for accountability on both sides. We also heard from the criminal defense attorneys that they would really like to see something like this, because to be able to prove some of their cases, it would be helpful to have video."

The bill faces more votes but is expected to pass.