Maine House moves to significantly boost earned income tax credit

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 6:36 PM EDT
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A pair of bills aimed at helping out low-income Mainers is flying through the State House.

The bills raise the earned income tax credit from 5% to an estimated 23%.

It expands eligibility to people 18-24 years old who don't have a qualifying child as well.

The bills, both with bipartisan support, would also require an educational aspect to teach more people about the tax credit.

"With the state giving that to them, and the federal government giving that to them, it shows them that we appreciate their work," said Rep. Mauren Terry, D-Gorham, who sponsored one of the bills and co-sponsored the other. "We understand it's not enough to really survive on, and this little bit of extra money will help them get the next foot up that they need to be a success."

One of the bills has passed, and the other is near passage after getting through the House unanimously Monday.