Maine House Speaker proposes bill to provide property tax relief to Maine homeowners

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Property taxes have risen drastically for many Mainers over the past few years.

As legislators in Augusta discuss what to do, Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, presented a bill Wednesday aimed at providing property tax relief directly back to homeowners.

The bill would take an existing fund and direct it to go to residents that qualify for the homestead exemption, which applies to people with their primary residence in Maine.

When the fund reaches the point where every qualified Mainer can get at least $100, the state treasurer will mail out checks in December.

Gideon says that it's important to have the money go directly back to property owners.

"Whether I'm on the sidelines at a soccer game with my kids, whether I'm at a legislative meeting or a town meeting, what I hear from people is that property taxes are becoming a burden that is just crushing them," said Gideon. "We want to find a way to address that and get money back into peoples' pocketbooks so that when they sit down to pay their bills every week, their property tax burden is not putting them underwater."

No one spoke in opposition to the bill.