Maine Grandmother Knits Whimsical Winter Hat Creations

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - She can turn you into a viking, a monster, even Yoda and keep you warm while doing it.

A creative grandmother is in the business of making hats to fit your fancy.

Cathy Norwood, owner of A Bee in My Bonnet says, "My Great Aunt taught me to knit when I was 4 or 5. We would knit until I made a mistake and she would take it all out. I mean, it's amazing that I still like to knit. She'd take it out and we'd start again."

Norwood, or Coffee as her four grandchildren call her, makes the most unique winter hats in Maine.

She says, "I used to make bee hats with bees and flowers on them and as my grandchildren got older the hats got crazier. So, then it launched into monsters and eyes and horns."

Anything your imagination can conjure, the Bar Harbor native can knit.

Norwood says, "Right now, I'm working on a Pikachu, a Pokemon Pikachu for someone who has leukemia so, I take special orders like that."

She launched her business, A Bee in My Bonnet selling the specialty hats at Maine Jewelry & Art in downtown Bangor and taking orders on her Facebook page.

Norwood says, "It's very portable. I can drive in the car and take my knitting and I can work as we go and there's always a new idea."

Like her popular hat imitating the well-known Star Wars character, Yoda.

People of all ages enjoy the whimsical and warm creations.

She says, "I have a woman who buys hats from me all year and she just bought one of these to wear shoveling. She thought if you have to shovel it should be fun."

Norwood says knitting teaches valuable lessons and she's already started passing the craft on to her grandkids.

She says, "There's a lot to it and I think it really is good for the young ones. I think that the saying is...if you teach two people to knit, then you've passed on that tradition. I think I've taught way more than two people."

For more information on Norwoods special hats you can visit her Facebook page at K Norwood - A Bee in My Bonnet.