Maine General Health receiving new surgical technology

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 4:34 PM EDT
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The DaVinvi S-i is one of the newest technologies available to surgeons.

Maine General is taking advantage of it at their locations in Augusta and Waterville.

This machine advances vision and the ability to perform surgeries.

Even though the surgeon sits across the room from the patient, this machine allows for even more control.

"With the robot, it's much more natural. You're in a seated position, and you're in the room with the patient. It's much closer to operating like a surgeon has traditionally in that open surgery fashion rather than in an artificial environment that you're watching on a screen," said Dr. Ian Reight, Lead Robotics Surgeon at Maine General.

The new technology especially helps patients with recovering faster.

"It allows the complex cases to be done through five very small incisions versus one large one which makes recovery for the patients huge, which saves on insurance costs and length of stay at the hospital. They can go back to work so much sooner. It's just the best thing for the patient," said Justin Smith, Surgical First Assist at Maine General.

Maine General in Waterville will actually be replacing this machine in a matter of weeks for another upgraded version.

The machine allows smaller hospitals to perform surgeries they couldn't do before, and had to send patients elsewhere.

It's commonly used for colorectal, hernia, kidney, ovaries, prostate, and other surgeries.