Maine Game Wardens and Maine Snowmobile Association Encourage Safe Riding

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GRAY, Maine (WMTW) - As winter is just beginning, so is snowmobile season.

Maine Game Wardens are teaming up with the Maine Snowmobile Association to ensure safety for riders this winter.

During a news conference in Gray, Wardens listed a number of threats, including speed, and riding during severe weather conditions.

They say it’s not uncommon for people to become lost while riding in unfamiliar locations.

Corporal John MacDonald, "Above all really before you head out, just tell someone where you're going. Often times we'll get a call that a loved one is overdue form coming home, or that they're missing, and they'll tell us okay the snowmobile is missing from the garage, that's all we have to go from."

Wardens are hoping for a safe and memorable season, while reminding people to ride responsibly.