Maine Forest Service reminds people about fire safety

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 4:11 PM EDT
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The Maine Forest Service says we're having a higher than average Spring fire season in both numbers of fires and acreage burned.

The forest service reminds people to always get a burn permit before burning brush.

They say you should keep all wood and organic material at least ten feet away from the burn area.

Also, before leaving the burn site, make sure the fire is completely out.

"A lot of people are staying home, and they’re kind of anxious to do stuff in the yard,” said Kent Nelson, Forest Ranger Specialist for the Maine Forest Service “That’s all good, but we want to make sure they’re safe when they have their outdoor fires.”

The state had 356 wildfires all of last year and is already up to 278 wildfires in 2020.

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