Maine DOT officials worried about future of the highway repair program due to no bond deal

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) State transportation officials are worried about the future of the highway repair program if state lawmakers don't meet and vote on bonds by the end of this month.

Lawmakers did not pass the bond package during regular session, which includes $105 million for transportation.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Bruce Van Note says up to half of the program could be cut if the bond isn't passed.

He says lawmakers should look at a different way than bonds to fund highways and roads in the future.

"I'm very hopeful that they will be coming back," said Van Note. "History shows that they probably will, but it's a little scary until they do."

"If you're talking about cuts to your program of half, that's statewide. Every region will be effected."

If lawmakers do pass the bond package by a two-thirds vote, it goes to a state wide vote in November.