Maine DOT starts posting roads as the weather warms

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - As warmer weather starts to melt snow and ice, some roads become more dangerous to drive on.

Maine DOT has started posting some roads, mostly those with weak and vulnerable pavement.

When a road is posted, it means there's a vehicle weight-limit of 23,000 pounds.

Thawing ice can create road safety hazards.

"The roads that are most susceptible are the roads that are going to see a lot of frost heaving and a lot of movement," said Brian Burne of the DOT. "It's really important to slow down. That's the key thing because you'll see frost heaves that'll appear. You might go to work one day and on your way home that night on the same road you'll see a dramatic change. So it's important to drive carefully and pay attention to the road and slow down."

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