Maine-Based Construction Company Unveils Workforce Development Center

PITTSFIELD, Maine (WABI) Maine construction company, Cianbro, unveiled its new workforce development center in Pittsfield Thursday.

Governor LePage and industry leaders were there to take a tour.

Don Whyte, President and CEO of The National Center for Construction Education and Research says, "We have an industry that's growing. That's good. But, we have a pipeline that sees fewer young people coming into it."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction employment is expected to grow faster than any other occupation, creating more than 700,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

Whyte says, "It costs the construction industry somewhere between $5,000 and $15,000 a year to put somebody through training. If I can push some of that into the Career and Technical Education System, so I can get a high school student a year of training before they come into our industry, think of the savings to industry."

Because of the aging workforce population and the growing demand for workforce development, Cianbro has opened the Cianbro Institute.

Pete Vigue, a Cianbro Leader says, "This facility creates and innovative and collaborative educational environment. Every one of our instructors is certified and they passionately deliver more than 75 different developmental programs to our team members using multiple delivery methods, which obviously includes hands-on education training."

The institute offers classrooms with labs and simulated work environments so workers can "learn and earn" at the same time.

Vigue says, "We're not only building building projects in this organization and this company, we are creating and building people who have integrity, character and skill."

Governor LePage says the institute is not only good for Cianbro but it's good for Maine and will help lower the age of Maine's workforce.

He says, "That's exactly what we expect with this entity right here, to be the leader in developing craftsmen for the future."