Maine Arts Leadership Initiative Wraps Up Summer Institute in Waterville

Published: Aug. 3, 2017 at 5:22 PM EDT
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A unique collaboration of arts educators wrapped up a summer institute at Thomas College in Waterville Thursday.

The Maine Arts Leadership Initiative was developed seven years ago to create and provide professional development to arts educators throughout the state.

What began with 24 teacher leaders has expanded to more than 100.

Music and art teachers from across Maine attend the event to share their ideas and what works in their classroom with their colleagues.

"We thought by having them come together in some kind of professional development, and we asked them just bring what you're really good at, what works in your classroom, and let's share that," said Catherine Young, Co-Founder of the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative.

"I've felt really empowered to learn more, to reach out to colleagues, to be brave enough to share what I've learned and to make connections that will allow me to bring things back to help my students make connections that will make them more empowered learners throughout their life. So I'm very excited about that," said Kaitlin Young, a teacher leader.

The Institute began in Portland and organizers moved the event to Waterville this year.

They say Thomas College's Center for Innovation in Education is a perfect fit for their workshops and teaching exercises.