MEMA Officials & State Police Provide Storm Response Update

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AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) Maine Emergency Management officials and Maine's State Police Chief gave a storm response update Wednesday in Augusta.

MEMA says tree and line crews are working around the clock to restore power.

They say recent training for such an event has paid off and, despite there still being large numbers of Mainers affected by the storm, they're confident most of the state will be back to normal by Saturday night.

Getting crews to isolated homes and unaccessible roads has been difficult.

State Police remind you to not remove downed trees and power lines from your local roads.

"We understand the frustration. Some of us live on roads and have been blocked in, but you need to have patience and wait until they're safely removed so that we don't have any deaths as a result of this storm," said Col. Bob Williams, Maine State Police Chief.

"Typically with these things it's in one spot or the other, but really when you talk to folks on the ground or in the counties, it is everywhere. So that has been a real challenge from the response is that it's just not isolated to a couple of towns say like a tornado or a hurricane, it's everywhere," said Kevin Rousseau, State Exercise Director, MEMA.

MEMA officials are applauding the work of first responders, power crews, public works, as well as neighbors helping neighbors.