Love Potion No. 207 - Part Two

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) The biggest change to dating through the years is the way that many people meet.

Two local couples in loving relationships met in completely different ways.

One met by happenstance the other met searching through all the fish in the state.

Ryan Leighton looks back on his relationship with girlfriend Jill Hurlbert saying, "I think we were looking for the perfect person and I think it just fell into place."

Hurlbert was doing clinical hours at Saint Joseph Hospital.

She says, "When I heard this one come over the scanner I was waiting at the door when it opened and I saw him and I'm telling you there was just a change in the energy that I felt."

Leighton says, "I remember her standing at the end of the bed with one arm across her stomach and the other like this and I could see that she was worried for me and she didn't even know me."

The two say it was love at first sight.

Hurlbert says, "He was talking about his girls and I started talking about my 3 kids. We had a lot in common.

Leighton says, "After she tended to me she had left the room to go take care of other patients and I kept going to the bathroom because I wanted to run into her again. But I never saw her again that night."

A month and a half later Jill saw the name Ryan Leighton come across her Facebook page.

Hurlbert says, "We had over 160 mutual friends."

Leighton says, "Our parents had known each other for years and we had just never run into each other before."

Now, 3 years later living in Franklin with a blended family of 5 they are happier than ever.

Leighton says, "We just bought this house. This old 1860s farmhouse that we love."

Hurlbert says, "We've named this home Leighton's Landing. We have a little hobby farm of ducks, geese, chickens at the moment."

She says, "We are complete opposites."

Leighton says, "It works for us because in certain instances opposites do attract and I think we balance each other out."

And while this happenstance love story is one for the books, another couple relied on the internet to find their match.

Megan Latimer-Galligan was looking to hook the perfect partner by using the online dating site Plenty of Fish when she came across David.

She recalls looking at his online profile and says, "Oh, it's funny. He actually was trying to act all like cool or whatever with a pool cue and some special glasses and a hat and it's like oh, okay he's kind of cute."

David Galligan, her husband says, "She was the first one who contacted me and actually wrote me back and I was from Augusta so, it was kind of a distance to come down here but I was willing to take a risk and see what would happen and go from there."

Megan lives in Machias. They recalled their first meeting.

David says, "I would have to say it was the most embarrassing moment of my life because I came from Augusta and I didn't know where I was going."

Despite getting lost David knew there was something about Megan and four months later they were married.

He says, "We got married in July of 2007 on the 7th because we thought 7-7-07 would be our lucky number. And it has been for the last 10 years."

Even after nearly 11 years of marriage the two are head over heels for one another.

Megan says, "He has always been there to support me."

David says Megan can always make him smile.

Megan says, "Always, always. It doesn't matter how crabby he is, I know what to make him smile and it usually works."

It's safe to say they found their perfect fish in the Maine sea.

These couples show whether you meet someone by chance or you use the convenience of online dating websites and apps both work.