Ready, set, roll: Logrolling comes to Bradley

BRADLEY, Maine (WABI) - It’s a sport that began in the 1800s within the logging industry.

For years, rivers were the main ways to transport timber, and lumberjacks had to learn how to balance atop the wood to get it from place to place.

Now, those skills are being demonstrated in friendly competitions all over the world.

Alyssa Thurlow tried her "feet" at it Friday in Bradley.

"The history behind it is really important, especially growing up in Maine.” Said Alissa Wetherbee of Axe Women Loggers of Maine.

She's been trying her feet at logrolling for almost 20 years now.

They've traveled all over the country teaching people the sport.

Now they're taking what they know to Bradley for an event this weekend at the Maine Forest and Logging Museum.

With a new log in tow.

"Instead of the old-fashioned, heavy wooden lot water log logs, we have switched over to a new synthetic log,” explained Wetherbee. “It weighs 65lbs. It makes it really easy. That's why we couldn't do it last year because we had a giant log and no way to get it in and out of the Mill pond easily. So, this year we can carry it right down there and toss it in, and get people up there logrolling."

I, too had to try it out. But, not before some quick tips.

“Keep your arms up for balance. Keep your feet moving the whole time,” Wetherbee advised.

"Are you ready to try it?” Wetherbee asked.

“Yeah, let’s go!”

Practice and balance. Those are what I found to be the keys to logrolling.

The group will be there on Saturday honing their skills, and they want you to try it out, too.

"It's a great place, one that I think most local people might not know about,” said Wetherbee. “Maybe they haven't come out and explored it. So, they should definitely come out to the museum and plan on spending the day."

The Axe Women Loggers of Maine will be at the Maine Forest Logging Museum from 10-4pm Saturday.

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