Locals learn how to use ham radios in Ellsworth

Published: Jun. 22, 2019 at 7:27 PM EDT
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The Ellsworth amateur wireless association participated in a nationwide event known as field day.

It is a North American wide exercised in the use of amateur radio, also known as ham radio.

The event was open to the public to see how ham radio works.

The hope is to teach people how to communicate with ham radio in case of an emergency situation.

"Well, to put down the cellphones because I lived in Virginia for 35 years and every hurricane that came through cellphones were useless,” says Jeff Hanscome, a volunteer. “They, we need to stop being reliant on those and find other modes. Plus, it's a good engineering thing, lots of engineers come out of amateur radio. My friend Matt and I, we've known each other since seventh grade and we got licensed at fourteen years old and we're still getting it forty years later."

The event runs until 2 pm Sunday at the Trenton elementary school.