Local trainer offers tips to help keep New Year's Resolutions

BREWER, Maine (WABI) - With a new year comes new goals.

Many folks are making New Year's Resolutions with the hopes they stick throughout the year.

Alyssa Thurlow caught up with a local trainer Friday to see how folks can get a workout routine started and stay with it.

Now that Christmas is over, 'tis the season to start making some New Year's Resolutions.

For many, resolutions are health and fitness oriented.

But, getting to the gym is half the battle.

I stopped into Bodies By Badger to talk to owner and trainer Amy Badger to get some advice on how to stay fit in 2019.

She says the first step is to make a resolution that is obtainable.

"Take little chunks off of maybe a bigger goal so, if you want to lose a lot of weight maybe the first month lose two pounds a week, so you have about eight pounds in the first month," said Badger.

And to help with motivation, it's best to workout and eat right alongside a partner.

"It's easier to do something when number one, you say it out loud, you write it down, or you have people that keep you accountable," said Badger. "So, get a little group together of people who may have similar goals that they want to attain in the new year."

And while staying active is key throughout the year, your diet is also crucial. Badger says it's okay to eat what you want but within reason and...

"Stop eating when you're not hungry. Don't stop eating when you're full. That's the trick. When you feel like I don't really need another bite of it, stop, and it's amazing how much weight people will lose if they just listen to their bodies," said Badger.

And lastly, realize that change won't happen overnight, so be flexible.

"If you mess up, just get back on the wagon and start over again," said Badger. "One day of eating badly is not going to ruin the month of good eating that you've done so, don't be hard on yourself because people are their worst critic."