Local student teacher going the extra mile for students

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 4:41 PM EDT
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“I want to support them and I'm always going to be there for them no matter what happens.”

Kaylee Grindle is a student teacher in the University of Maine College of Education and Human Development/

Since September, she has been student teaching at the Dedham School but COVID-19 is not stopping her from doing what she loves.

Everyday the senior videotapes herself reading aloud and sharing an inspirational message to the students on a Facebook group.

She says, “At Dedham it really is a family and even though our page is really just first grade I love seeing the P.E. teacher come on, the guidance counselor. Other teachers even come on and read to the students.”

Teachers at the school also set up a drive-thru to get learning packets to the students to work on at home.

Kaylee says, “So the parents would pull up to the school and teachers would take turns in shifts and then the teachers would bring the packets to the parents so they can stay right in their vehicles.”

Now, the students share their work with Kaylee and Mrs. Nickerson, their first grade teacher, virtually.

She says, “I’m still getting to see their faces. Seeing them read the pictures, that is just overwhelming and I just love it and that's what is really getting me through this.”

She says many of the students don’t understand why they can’t go to school.

She says, “What Mrs. Nickerson's and I main goal is to help them and be there for them, support them, and do all we can to make this fun and normal as it can be. We really care about them. We miss them so much and we would give anything to be with them.”

Kaylee hopes to have her own classroom and kids in the fall and says she will bring this experience with her.

“As unusual as this circumstance is I now can see how teachers evolve and transition into remote learning. Love you first-grade.”