Local sculptor looking to honor those who were lost at sea from SS El Faro

WARREN, Maine (WABI) - It has been nearly five years since the sinking of the S-S El Faro that killed five Maine Maritime Academy graduates.

33 people in all were lost when the ship when down in a hurricane on the way from Florida to Puerto Rico.

Jay Sawyer is well known on the mid-coast for his metal sculptures.

He's been quietly planning how to properly honor those five graduates.

"It's a male and a female in their uniform. Just like the uniform we wore at the Maine Maritime Academy. They'll be in a full salute position. I'm sure everybody that looks at it is going to have their own vision of who they see in that uniform," said Sawyer.

The style of the sculpture is inspired by a former piece of his called the maestro.

Sawyer has already started crafting it.

The Company Dragon Products in nearby Thomaston has even offered up a scenic spot in Rockland for the statue to stand.

Fitting that the sculpture will face a lighthouse, as that is the Spanish translation of El Faro.

Sawyer believes this sculpture could act as the final stage of grieving for this community.

"Because there's a need. I don't know how to say it anymore than that. There's a lot of compassion out there. There's a need for people, it's such a sensitive topic. But when I get into those uniforms it's going to be pretty emotional. There's going to be some goosebumps. There's going to be some tears. But it's going to be good," said Sawyer.

To help complete this sculpture, Sawyer says he will need $135,000 from the community.

If you'd like to reach out, you can visit studiojbone.com.