Local man continues search for brother's missing plane

Published: Oct. 3, 2018 at 4:42 PM EDT
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For forty-six years a local man has been searching for any sign of his brother's plane that went missing.

Jerome Hogan's brother, Lewis, was a pilot from Houlton.

He was 28 when his plane went missing while en route from Connecticut to Houlton on a stormy day in 1972.

Search-efforts have taken place all over the state including Waldo Mountain a couple of years ago.

He tells us there have been many in the community who have helped through the years, including groups like DEEMI which is helping to search different waterways.

Jerome says he's confident one day he'll find his brother.

"I know he would appreciate me finding him. I'm doing it for the rest of the family. To put him with his mother and father, you know, and let it rest." he says.

Hogan says now that it's hunting season he hopes hunters throughout the state will keep an eye out for anything in the woods that might lead to his brother.